Manage Project

Congratulations on receiving an award!

NU-RES partners with Northeastern faculty and colleges to support the proper stewardship of research grants, cooperative agreements, contracts or other sponsored projects.

While Northeastern University is the legal grantee, the Principal Investigator (PI) is the primary individual responsible for the proper management of the project, as they are in the best position to oversee the completion of proposed aims, as well as the allocation of funds and personnel in support of those aims. The PI, the college, and NU-RES all play critical roles in ensuring that Northeastern is an effective steward of funds. Roles and responsibilities are outlined here.

Effective stewardship through robust award management builds trust with our collaborators and funding agencies and supports Northeastern’s growth as a preeminent research institution. To Request a New Subaward Organization fill out this form.

High-level considerations related to award management expectations at Northeastern can be found by reviewing the different award management categories.

Last Updated on April 25, 2024