LifeCycle Management

NU-RES supports the lifecycle management of all phases of sponsored programs at Northeastern University, from Finding Funding through Closeout of the Award.

A wholistic approach to the administration of research proposals and awards means teams within NU-RES are organized to manage proposals from the proposal stage of a project through to termination, or closeout, of an award. This comprehensive approach helps the teams to better understand the entire cycle of an award in all of its stages, rather than only having familiarity with one phase.

Our mission is to enable and promote research excellence by serving our faculty, administrators and funding partners with integrity, professionalism, kindness and respect, while promoting fairness, transparency, generosity, and accountability.

We partner with faculty and staff to shepherd awards throughout all stages of a sponsored program, research grant or contract, as illustrated below.

Lifecycle Phases


Last Updated on November 23, 2020