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If submitting a NSF or NIH proposal register with NIH Commons or NSF FastLane, as applicable. To register contact Doris Suazo-Smith. Workspace is the standard application method; forms can either be completed within a web browser or downloaded individually and uploaded to Workspace.

Complete this form first – it populates other forms

    • Field 5
Organizational DUNS N.001423631
Applicant InformationNortheastern University
Departmentleave blank
DivisionResearch Administration and Finance
Street 1360 Huntington Avenue, 960RP
Street 2leave blank
ZIP/Postal Code02115-5005
Contact personDana Carroll
Phone Number617-373-5600
Fax Number617-373-4595
E-Mail[email protected]
EIN number1041679980A1 for NIH 041679980 for all others
  • Field 12: N/A for NIH proposals
  • Field 14:Congressional District for Northeastern University: MA-007
  • Field 15:PI information with department address. For NIH proposals this information should match your PI profile in Commons.
  • Field 19: Authorized Representative: Dana Carroll, Associate Vice Provost of Research. Use [email protected] as the email address.
  • Field 21: Additional list of Congressional Districts if needed.

NIH proposals require the PI’s eRA Commons User Name in the Credential field for all PI’s Co-PI’s. NSF asks for your User ID.

You must completely fill in first budget period before you can add information to the next period.

Budget Justification must be attached in Year 1 in order to move to next year. It only needs to be uploaded once – you can edit it after the budget is complete. Example

Use the current information on indirect cost rates and fringe benefit rates available at our Policies & Guidelines webpage.

Section H. – Cognizant Federal Agency is DHHS, Michael Stanco, (212) 264-2069.

Even though COEUS will not be used to submit your proposal, it is still used internally to route it for approvals. Please work with your Department’s Grant Administrator or Grant Officer at NU-RES to complete and route your proposal and email your completed application package to your Grant Officer.

Last Updated on April 21, 2022