Post-Award Support

Post Award SupportDescription
Account Creation
Account StructureDetermine the need for # of funds to build (multiple internal collaborators), subcontract funding distribution, cost share requirements, child account needs, restrictions on CF. PI can dictate if they want child indexes for Co-PIs or equipment
Financial ComplianceFinancial reports and other required deliverables, identify the format, frequency and dates throughout the life cycle; NU-RES central will provide notifications, HUB Post will provide the financial support
Subcontracts (outgoing)
Invoice Review & ApprovalHub Post will review and discuss with PI if needed on invoice approval. PI must approve invoice for payment and send back to NU-RES RA
Subrecipient Financial MonitoringTrack subrecipient invoices and budget vs. actual expenditures; prompt subrecipients for timely invoices
Subrecipient CloseoutHub Post completes final reconciliation of budgets and invoices; confirms with PI that all deliverables are completed; supports NU-RES RA with timely collection of final subrecipient invoices and any required subrecipient closeout documents (equipment, release of claims, etc.)
Award Management
Transaction Review & ApprovalReview and approve ledger-5 transactions; provide guidance to PI/Department as needed during the initiation of transactions
Routine PI MeetingsReview all expenditures with the PI/Department at minimum quarterly for post monitoring analysis and correct any errors/make adjustments as needed. Identify prior approval needs if any, discuss upcoming deadlines, burn rates/projections and project needs
Department Portfolio ReviewCollaborate and meet with Department representatives (e.g., business managers, budget analysts, or ADAF) to discuss research portfolio overall.
Prior Approval RequestsInitiate prior approval requests and send to RA for submission to sponsor
Deficit ResolutionWork with PI and departments if deficits occur. Hub Post should be aware of deficits as they occur. ResFin to support by providing reports. PI to support/advise in rectifying with the assistance of Hub Post.
Cost Share SpendingEnsure cost share requirements are met and charged to the project compliantly; track cost share scenarios that occur outside of the Banner financial system (e.g., third-party cost share)
Funding Cost Share AccountsInitiate K2 form that will fund the CS account and charge the operational accounts for cost share requirements
Monthly Time & Effort (T&E) ReportingHub Post provides monthly expense reports, including personnel effort; PI to review reports upon receipt
Time & Effort Allocation UpdatesPI requests any necessary effort allocation adjustments; Hub Post initiates T&E adjustments; ResFin reviews and approves
Review Annual T&E Certification ReportsHub Post reviews annual T&E with PI
Final Reports/Close Out
Financial ReconciliationHub Post collaborates with PI to confirm final transactions; coordinates with ResFin to complete final reconciliation of the award for PI approval
Financial ReportsResFin prepares final financial reports based on approved final reconciliation and routes for Hub Post/PI review and approval
Residual Balances/Sponsor RefundsHub Post determines whether residual balance can be retained by NU or requires refund to sponsor; collaborates with PI and Department to confirm transfer-to indexes and amounts for residual balance transfers; initiates balance transfer or sponsor refund request to ResFin
Final Documents/Closeout PackagesHub Post collaborates with PI, Dept, and ResFin as needed to complete closeout packages or other final documents

Last Updated on June 28, 2023